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About IdleBird


I grew up at the beach, soaking up the soul warming sun, frolicking around in homemade crochet bikinis and hanging out at the surf club. I still choose to spend my precious downtime relaxing at the beach or hanging by the pool either with my kids or with cocktails.

However, time has worked its magic on my priorities, which are now firmly focused on protecting my skin while I enjoy the Australian sunshine. The problem I encountered was finding a fashionable way of covering those parts that need covering without looking like a nun in a neck to knee swimsuit.

And so IdleBird was born. The idea to design a range of garments that would offer sun protection and a little poolside pizzaz at the same time. We like to think that we offer an alternative that is somewhere between no protection and a full body rashie.

We have sourced top quality fabrics - UPF50+ protection, quick dry, chlorine resistant and they feel fantastic to wear. Call it UV, SPF, UPF50+ whatever you like  - at the end of the day its sun protection, UV protective clothing which will be the best sun shirt, dress, pants, shrug etc etc, that you've ever worn.

So as they say - do your skin a favour and slip into one of our pieces next time you're out in the sun.

Stay cool.